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Bent (2018)

Bent (2018)

The undercover police detective Danny Gallagher comes along with a partner for a drug deal to take a large drug dealer in red. Suddenly, a skirmish begins, in which almost everyone is killed, except for Danny and the main bandit. Arrested soon the perpetrator manages to convince the police that Danny and his late partner were dirty cops. Gallagher goes to jail. After being released after three years, Danny intends to restore his good name, tainted by perjury, and take revenge on the drug dealer for the death of a friend. A private investigation leads Danny to an even more mysterious murder, access to materials on which was covered from somewhere from the state secret services. All this seems to be not just corruption, but a large-scale espionage conspiracy.
  • Duration: 1h 36min
  • Release: 2018
  • 5,0
Bent (2018)

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Bent (2018)
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